The 24 Dopest Hairstyles for Black Men in 2020 & 2021 |Men Hairstyles

Are you currently looking for the best and dopest hairstyles or haircuts for Black men to try in 2021? You have come to the right place:! Within this guide, we’ll assist you in finding a brand new and stylish hairstyle for black men to try out in 2020 or 2021.

It does not matter if your hair is too thick, thin, too short, or curled, we’ve compiled a listing of the greatest black men’s hair cuts from the Afro fade to the Buzz Cut and the low fade.

The way your hair looks is very important in your life, career, or for success in your job because a clean or professional hair cut matters as well as the accompanying suit, shoes, and tie you will wear.

Your haircut is one of the first things people notice when looking at you.

PS: This article is updated EVERY MONTH with new hairstyles for Black men. So make sure you come back to read it and find new dope haircuts.

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1. Box Fade

box fade black men haircut

Considered iconic style, the box fade attracts all sorts of nostalgia.

The box fade is straight back, with some NBA stars rocking it in NBA courts. The style unites sides that taper down into a brief span and a sharply-defined square at the top

Negros de los hombres peinados - Flat Top

The top length is your hair really is all about 3 to 5 cm, even though how you wear it is dependent upon your own personality and what matches your thoughts.

2. Hairstyles for Black Men 2021:  High Fade Haircut

 hairstyles for black men

This style has become a regular choice among black men, where the hairline is raised dramatically. The top of the hair is buzzed to a mid-size, keeping everything looking tight and fresh.

2. Haircuts for Black Men 2021: Afro Fade

 afro fade, hairstyles for black men 2021

The Afro fade is still an enjoyable hair cut for any person who has long thick hair and is able to pull off it. Basically, the Afro fade comprises a wild top with sides nicely shaved.

The Afro fade is just a big classic look that doesn’t go out of style and doesn’t look like it will anytime soon.

3. Hairstyles for Black Men 2021: Geometric Haircut

Macho Moda - Blog de Moda Masculina: CABELO CRESPO MASCULINO: 26 ideias ANIMAIS de Cortes Afros pra 2020

This hairstyle is just another style that takes good advantage of thick tight hair. Strong angles specify a geometric cut, and the result will just depend on how wild is Your imagination.

Corte masculino em cabelo crespo hard part com risca de navalha diagonal e lateral degradê

flat top haircut pics

Ask your barber to really take his or her time to create the perfect angle part on your hair.

3. Haircuts for Black Men 2021: Hard Part with Fade

Waves For Skin Fade

If you want to be bold, the apparently useless part-line can be employed as a really deliberate design feature and can rock with virtually any outfit.

If your hair is really on the thicker, curlier close of this spectrum, then ask your barber to draw a fancy ‘part’ lineup to get trendy outcomes.

The part-line on this hairstyle works as a place of asymmetry and adds interest to the cut. With the accession of faded sides, this style is very important at this time.

4. Hairstyles for Black Men 2021: Faded Deep Waves

The deep waves can be a great option if you have soft hair. You can use a good wave brush, a conditioner like Cantu conditioner, and obtain this nice look.

 hairstyles for black men, deep waves

You can ask your barber to add some fade on the side or leave it without fade.

The appearance is going to take a little while to look, and you’re going to require a couple of services and products to receive it moving, above all a wave brush.

Communicate with a barber for more information about the best way best to attain this exceptional hair cut.

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5. Hairstyles for Black Men 2021: Twists With Fade

Twists Sponge

That really is just another blend of style that adds great value to the appearance. It gives a sense of dominance.

Corte de cabelo masculino curto com texturas twisted e lateral degradê

You can style the twists in however way you want but, on the flip side, go for a clean taper down ade. The twists hairstyle brings attention to what’s happening at the top.

This cut works especially well if your hair at the top is only a little uncontrollable and longer.

6. Hairstyles for Black Men 2021: Line Up Hairstyle

Line Up Hairstyle black men

Rather than letting your normal hairline dictate your hair’s outline, this line-up hair cut gets your barber to shave a direct hairline using sharp angles to your own hair.

The result can appear to be spectacular.

Do remember that cut requires regular upkeep. This style brings attention to your own eyes and eyebrow line.

7. Curls With Fade

 Curls With Fade 2021, hairstyle

For many people who have looser curls, an under-cut or even a fade with a little more length on top or short length may prove to be an intriguing option.

Let your curls develop into an extended period on top and they will give you a different personality.

blackbeardedmen: “ @marcelin2x_ #blackbeardedmen ”

The juxtaposition between your unrestrained medium-length curls along with lovely, faded sides creates an exceptional appearance.

8. Buzz Cut for Black Men

 Buzz Cut for Black Men, Trey Songz

Still another simple choice for people that do not want to be concerned about handling hair loss. The buzz cut is a short, military-inspired hairstyle that’s low-maintenance.

Just like with almost any super-short haircut, the design will draw awareness of a forehead and make your face appear more defined.

9. Short All Over

jesse williams | Jesse Williams Actor Jesse Williams arrives at John Varvatos' 8th ...

Simple, short all over. Often compared to the buzz cut, this normal short style still acknowledges your own hair’s curled nature without needing to take care of it daily.

10. Haircuts for Black Men 2021: Spiky Afro

 Chadwick Boseman, Spiky Afro hairstyle

With a little bit of motivation and patience, you can get this classic and yet edgy hairstyle just like King T’challa Chadwick Boseman.

To get these spiky styles, simply dab some hair conditioner on the tips of your fingers and start twisting slowly the tips of each individual strands.

11. Hairstyles for Black Men 2021: Frohawk

 Frohawk 2021 black men

Although it’s gone, we love the frohawk sported by Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling.

This frohawk fade is just one of Raheem Sterling's many haircuts #RaheemSterling #mohawk #frohawk #templefade #hairdesign #soccerhair #soccerplayerhaircuts

This hair cut may be angular in the left or style to develop more openly.

People who have tighter curls may discover that they will have control over the design of this frohawk and will elect to get a looser style of this cut.

11. Brushed Up Afro Dreads

Brushed Up Afro Dreads black men haircuts

This style is for guys for very thick and long hair. If you decided to go with afro dreadlocks, you can go wild with the shape.

The brushed up dreadlocks is when you don’t want them growing at all angles.

You can even get an afro dread with fades on the sides.

13. Hairstyles for Black Men 2021: Very Tall Afro

Tall Afro Hairstyles for Men

This is one is among the boldest cuts you can get in this list.

You need to allow your hair to grow into a really big, long top afro to pull this off. There are so many styles you can try with this long of a hair

14. Pompadour

Sculpted rounded flat top. #menshair #menshaircuts #haircutsformen #haircuts #coolhaircuts #menshairstyles #hairstylesformen #newhaircuts #mediumlengthhaircuts #menshaircuts2018

Even the pompadour is traditionally worn with men who have nice, straight hair. But such a trimming can be a perfect fit for people who have tight curls too;

HairStyle: 48 Cortes de Cabelo – liso, crespo, cacheado e ondulado – para se Inspirar em 2018 – O Cara Fashion Hair Style - Cortes de Cabelo 2018 - liso, crespo, ondulado, cacheado - curly - straight - black - long

By forming a quiff in the front of one’s hair, you are going to get fascinating results and stand out from the crowd.

15. Haircuts for Black Men 2021: Clean Bald Haircut

 Clean Bald Haircut 2021

It’s the simplest haircut to get for sure, it might seem fresh and amazing to the perfect head. This is great if you have huge hair loss or a receding hairline like The Rock or Vin Diesel.

You could get a fresh shave at home without needing the barber. The appearance sends a bold message of confidence in your personality.

Clean Bald Haircut black men 2021

Remember, if your hair is very rough, you could well be more prone to razor bumps.

Ideally, you ought to shave wet hair, moisturizing shaving cream, also adequate shaving lotion to prevent the lumps.

Dwayne Johnson Skips Fast & Furious Reunion – The Feud Continues! #DwayneJohnson #fastandfurious #opptrendsnews


Hairstyles For Black Men with Thin Hair in 2021

If you have very thin hair, you could try these styles below.

Hairstyles For Black Men with Thin Hair

41 Trendy Haircuts For Black Men (Recommended By Barbers)

Hairstyles For Black Men with Thin Hair 2021

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The Best Afro Hairstyles for Black Men in 2021

If you have thick hair and want to try bold styles, check out these afro styles.

Side Part Afros

Basquiat Hairstyles

Punk Afros

Afro Man Buns

Retro Afros


 We’ve covered the Dopest Hairstyles for Black Men in 2020 & 2021! If you have a great hairstyle already, and thinking about taking it to the next level, this list is for you!

These styles will help you to distinguish your style and yourself from any crowd.

What other ideas for Black men hairstyles in 2020 or 2021 can you add to this list that I may have not mentioned? Leave a comment below.

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