The 50+ Best Men Hairstyles & Haircuts to look HOT in 2023 | Men Hairstyle

Are you currently interested in finding within the best men hairstyles, a stylish or trendy men’s haircut to update your look in 2022? You are in the ideal spot:! Within this guide, we’ll assist you in finding a brand new hairstyle to try out in 2022.

best men hairstyles and haircuts for 2021, 2021 hairstyles males

You’ll discover men’s haircuts which already are trending and well-known in 2020 but that’ll remain in 2022, as well as new haircuts.

In regards to men’s hairstyles, only now we start to understand that fashion is no longer for women only. This guide will help you create something unique and fresh.

popular haircuts and hairstyles for men 2021 

You will find a large number of antique styles, eternal looks as well as new hot hairstyles for this year and the upcoming year 2022. The list will also contain professional men’s haircuts in 2022 you can adopt.

The trend could be short, textured, longer hair. Today, there are many alternatives for guys than ever to remain fresh and stay cool.

In addition, how your hair looks is also important to your career or job success.
best business hairstyles for men 2021

Actuality, while “dress for success” is on average the slogan, acquiring a firm professional hair cut matters as well as the suit, shoes and tie you wear.

Whether you are in a meeting with your team or giving a sales presentation or talk, people at work often inspect the way your hair looks and how you dress.

A great hairstyle will exude a degree of self-confidence and elegance that even your supervisor and CEO will recognize.

This article is updated EVERY MONTH with new hairstyles. So make sure you come back to read it.

IMPORTANT: Keep reading until the end as I also recommend CRUCIAL hair cuts and hair products throughout the post to improve your hair health, style, and look.

So, let’s talk about Trending Men’s Haircuts in 2022 !!!

The 50+ New & Best Men Hairstyles to look HOT in 2022!

Haircuts for men or men hairstyles can vary based on your own preferences! From short, medium, and long hairstyles, take a look at these men’s hairstyles.

Professional Haircuts For Men

Professional Haircuts For Men

Best Men Pro Hairstyles for 2022

A business cut must not be boring and must be more refined. With numerous stylish men’s hairstyles, most guys possess some choices.

In general, a business cut begins with professional hair thinning edge and ends with caliber styling products.

Read below some best hair styling products I recommend. Also, make sure to read the conclusion as there are two posts I am sure you would want to check out!

business haircuts

Business Haircut

Focus on a taper or disappear back and onto both sides again. Be certain that you ask your own barber to leave 3 or a number 2 to span shield comb to prevent exposing skin.

Fade among the men’s hairstyles might possibly be edgy in some specific businesses or companies.

38 maneiras de combinar seu corte de cabelo e barba

Why choose one fade over the other? Looks, really. It merely depends on which appearance you like. They all consist of cutting the hair short around the sides and back.

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best men hairstyles 2021

Business Hairstyles

The high fade usually follows a line which goes right back by the corner of their forehead.

Unlike the 1 length undercut which features a profile that is similar, the fade makes shorter since it goes the mind all of the way to your skin down.

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Business Professional Haircuts For Men

Business Professional Haircuts For Men

The fade hairstyle is versatile and swag. The section of a higher fade will adhere to the point of drop fade.

The main question is if you want the skin or bald fade or the shadow fade.

Best Conservative Business Hairstyles For Men

Best Conservative Business Hairstyles For Men

The combover taper fade

With a tapered-cut over both sides along with more hair at the top that’s combed finished, this style works in most workplaces.

I personally love this among businessmen’s hairstyles. Get a well-shaped beard to get quite a manlike end.

Classic Comb Over Taper Fade

Men Haircuts for 2022: Long Combover

The Long Comb over is just another timeless cut that doesn’t need many opinions because of its importance and popularity.

In general, the Combover is distinguished by having a very elegant and societal cut, and it can appear bold in some cases.

Remember that you need long full hair to pull that off in 2022.

Undercut + Long Hair


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Haircut for Men 2022: Buzzcut 

Modern professional men can also get one of these buzzcuts or short hair, but they should have thick hair, no hairless stains, and also an evenly-shaped head.

buzzcut hairstyle for men 

Among the artists that have successfully tried this men’s hairstyle, we have the singer Zayn Malik, who received many praises for his style.

Best Men's Short Professional Haircuts

Medium Length Popular Hairstyles 2022

There are long and medium-length men’s hairstyles. Popular moderate hair cuts involve variations of this pompadour, brush straight back, slicked-back, and also combover.

Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper are good examples of medium length hairstyles with the hair often slicked-back. This style is simple but classy.

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Professional Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Some business styles will have to be pulled back or down the center and then styled using a pomade that is solid.

If you combine this hairstyle with glasses, it will absolutely make you look smarter and more professional at work.

Give it a try and ask for opinions from friends and family.

Remember that the most important is that you like your haircut and feel confident in your own skin.

Men's Long Professional Hairstyles

medium length mens hairstyles straight hair

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Top Business Men Hairstyles in 2022

Brad Pitt, I've never been able to see why everyone thinks he's so attractive. All I see is arrogance
Listed below are more samples for businessmen hairstyles for the year 2022.

Vintage Taper with Extended Side element

Classic Taper with Long Side Part

The Classic Side Part Haircut

Crewcut using High Taper Fade

Crewcut using High Taper Fade

The crew-cut looks a bit like the Buzzcut but it’s very special.

Classic Slicked-back Hair

Classic Slicked Back Hair

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The slicked-back Cut has been already probably one of the hottest and most enviable cuts of the past few decades, and it’s still popular today among men. 

Cada vez máersus mujeres animan some sort of utilizar el cabello corto, está muy relacionado your veces minus shedd cortes de pelos masculinos aunque todo depende del peinado facil qui ce puedas hacer y new york forma signifiant los angeles cara que tengas para cual ght quede environnant les maravilla. Any medida que muchas famosas se fueron haciendo cortes de cabello cortos, la tendencia fue en aumento y los angeles ... #Classic #Cuts #hair #Legacy #men #pelo gris hombre largo #Slicked

Slick Back + High Fade

nice #UndercutHairstyles at Mens Hairstyles Slicked Back Undercut from gallery Latest Mens Hairstyles Slicked Back Undercut In Hairstyles Decoration DIY

Combover with Low Taper Fade: Terrific Men hairstyle to Get in 2022

Between the high and low fade haircuts, neither one is better than another. The sole reason to select 1 men’s fade over the following is personal taste.

Your barber will not care as both types of fades demand exactly the exact identical quantity of work and therefore so are trimmed brief round both sides.

If you are debating about whether to find a low vs high fade or hairless vs taper fade, remember that some sort of fade could be put together with some of your preferred hairstyles.

Comb Over with Low Taper Fade


The Textured Short HairCut is one very stylish, trending, and fashionable haircut for men to try in 2022.

The way you pull off the Short Textured Cut is you keep short and textured threads on the top and sides in gradient, just like in the pictures below.


The best haircuts for men: what do they look like? This post is the answer! Check out the gallery of trendy short, medium, and long haircuts that men opt for in 2020. Popular haircuts with a side part, ways to tame curly and wavy hair with a fade, and amazing options for those with beards are here! #besthaircutsformen #menshaircuts #haircutsformen #menhaircuts #menshairstyles


If you have curly hair, you MUST try these styles in 2022.

The Curly Hair With Fade is a dope and trending haircut that is one of our favorites for Men’s Curly Haircuts for 2022.

When you get this haircut, you display elegance and personality. Try it and you will thank us later.


30 Trendy Curly Hairstyles For Men (2020 Collection)

Curly Undercut: 30 Modern Curly Haircuts for Men - Men's Hairstyle Tips

long top short sides curly haircuts for men

professional business menhaircuts

IMPORTANT: Hair thickness is one of the first things people notice about our hair. It also increases self-confidence to have thicker and shinier hair. 

If you have some hair loss, thinning hair, baldness or problems associated with the scalp, you may benefit from some products. 

Thee is the Laser Hair Loss Therapy device, which is great because is that there is no surgery involved. The treatment uses a low-level laser energy to treat hair loss, and gives you back the hair you deserve to look hot in 2021.

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Modern Quiff using Long Sides

Modern Quiff with short Sides

The textured quiff that is modern is still among the men’s haircuts of all 2022. As the quiff appears equally as sexy and trendy, the quiff haircut offers versatility, allowing guys to create a facet, comb, cluttered, or hair quiff based upon the mood.

If you are interested in looking for new cuts and fashions you need to try out the quiff hairstyle.

The Proper Way to Receive a Quiff Hairstyle in 2022

quiff hairstyle 2021 

Considering the nature of this hairstyle, a quiff may do the job with long or short hair.

And whether you will want short or long quiffs, to getting the trimming, the practice is the same.

In the event that you ask your barber to get a quiff haircut, he will know how to cut your hair.

The things that you want to pick is how brief you need the sides and also hair on top. For instance, quiffs enable undercuts, fades, and tapers.

We recommend a skin fade or simmer to get a caked look, but the hair seems to be good.

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Messy Frizzy Hair

Messy Curly Hair

Classy Side-part

Classy Side Part

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade

Among the top 2022 men’s hairstyles, pompadour fade is a killer one. Pampadour fade has been evolved so much.

pompadour + fade haircuts for men

The pompadour was the rage among men now as the pompadour turned into a winner in the 1950s.

The difference between the contemporary and conventional pompadour hairstyle is in styling and the cut.

The pompadour fade is also now just a variant of this pompadour hairstyle.

By mixing a fade haircut with all the pompadour, the pomp fade supplies a trendy side, hairstyle.

If you would like a mid-top, skin, or low fade on both sides and rear with a short or lengthy pompadour on top, ask your barber to give you an excellent pompadour fade haircut.

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The 99 Brand New Popular Men’s Haircuts to Try

The 100 New Short Haircuts For Men To Look Very HOT

Very Lengthy Flow

Long Bro Flow haircut

David Beckham Slick Back Short Hairstyle 2022

Slick back hair is still perhaps probably one of the best men’s haircuts in 2022.

And just like other timeless hairstyles, the slick back haircut has re-emerged to develop into a trendy style for men.

And if you pick the slick back fade or slicked straight back under-cut, there are loads of means to put on a slick back hairstyle as both are versatile enough to create other appearances, for example, quiff, a pompadour, along with comb-over.

david beckham slick back hairstyle

How to get the Slick Back Haircut in 2022

To get the fashionable slick back hairstyle, you also must combine an undercut or fade haircut onto either side (top, mid, or low, or skin fade) having short, medium, or long hair at the top.

There’s also the classic, long hair that doesn’t expect a fade onto either side.

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Dense  Croptop with Mid Fade 2022

Dense  Croptop with Mid Fade

Tapered Sides with Short Comb-over 2022

Tapered Sides with Long Comb Over

Messy Ivyleague HairCut 2022

Messy Ivy League Haircut

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The 100 New Haircuts For Men To Try

The 99 Brand New Popular Men’s Haircuts to TrySlick

Best Conservative Business Hairstyles For Men

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High Pompadour with Low Fade

High Pompadour with Low Fade- Men's Hairstyle Tips | Low fade haircut, Faded hair, Fade haircut

Hard-Part + Fade

Hard Side Part Fade

Buzz-cut with Beard

Buzzcuts can look really cool when you add a nice beard to it.

Buzz Cut with Beard

High Taper with Negative Swept Fringe

High Taper with Side Swept Fringe

Textured Spiky Hair Fade and Line Up

Best Short Haircuts For Men (best Styles) | textured spiky hairstyles

To pull this off perfectly, you need a strong gel that will hold the spiky hair.

Thick Crew-cut using High Fade

TThick Crew-cut using High Fade | Professional hairstyles for men, Mens haircuts short, Professional haircut

If you have thick hair, try this out.

Long Ivy-league Hairstyle 2022

Long Ivy League Style

This hairstyle is among people favorite men hairstyles because it is simple, business and classy. Do like Zac Efron and try it.

Messy Short-hair + Tapered Sides

Messy Short-hair using Tapered Sides 

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Low heeled with Brushed Up Hair

Low Fade with Brushed Up Hair

The Classic But Versatile Cut

You can never go wrong with the classic leading man side part, as the legendary Leonardo Dicaprio best shows in the picture below.

This style works best with suits and appears to be used by a lot of business people.


Leonardo Dicaprio is among the people that wear this style the best.

Get ready to have some Soft Light attention because these are the Most Sexiest Hairstyles for Men with Fine Hair. We have 16 Most Talked about Hairstyles or Men with Fine Hair.

The Full Hot Shave Cut

Hairloss is real for many men. In fact, the likelihood that men suffer hair loss significantly increases with age.

About 40 percent of men reaching the age of 35 are suffering from visible hair loss, and 65 of them lose by the age of 60.

You can adopt the hairstyle of Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson, which earned him the title of “The Sexiest Man on Alive” in 2016.

Dwayne Johnson

The Grown-Out Fade Cut

chris hemsworth
With this hairstyle, you keep the shape of a fade, but you actually leave the slides a little longer as best embodied by Hemsworth above.

The Bro Flow or Medium Length Haircut

Brad Pitt is a perfect example of the idea that if you naturally have long hair, as you grow older and don’t lose them, you can still look hot in a semi-long hairstyle or medium haircut.

bro flow - hairstyle for male

The bro flow medium length hairstyle


The Short Length Hairstyle + Classic Taper

Medium Length Hairstyle + Classic Taper
I want you to understand that this style called “classic taper” is one of the most popular haircuts among men, one that you should try this year to see if it fits your face.

The hair above is about medium-length and moves over from a very slight side part (left).

You can use a shine pomade with a tooth comb to make it easy to get this style at home in front of your mirror.

It doesn’t matter if you have a full beard or you shaved, this will make you look hot!

The Oval Face Hairstyle

Hairstyle For Oval Face Man - Comb Over

For men with an oval face, you can evade edges, yields, and blast, as they will allow you to perfectly see the rounder lines of your face.

However, make sure you have lots of hair on top to lengthen that shape.

The Stylish Waves Hairstyle


If you embrace your waves as they are, your hair will look fuller. A suggestion would be to use some salt spray to bring up your hair without weighing it down.

The Crop Fade + Line Up + Fringe

Crop Fade + Line Up + Fringe

If you don’t like high volume styles,  the crop fade with a fringe is actually a great choice.

It’s a classic look, and the fringe in front creates a unique finish that everyone will love.

The line-up along the semi-full beard improves your masculine traits.

Short Hairstyle, With a Beard

Combine beard with short trimmed hair

The trimmed beard just like presented by Justin Timberlake, creates a very masculine look, regardless of your age.

Now, combine that trimmed beard with a short hairstyle, and you will achieve a sexy, masculine style.

Mid Bald fade Curly Up Top Hairstyle

23 Best Edgy Men's Haircuts (2020 Update) | Men haircut styles ...

If you have wavy hair or curly hair, this haircut will look great on you.


Semi-long and Slicked Back

Best men hairstyles 2021, Semi-long and Slicked Back

If you want a dope look, we suggest keeping the sides a bit shorter than the top and using a good pomade to hold the hair into place. Take a look at an example of and more edgy slicked back hairstyle with much shorter sites.

 Men Haircuts 2022: Skin Fade

Men Haircuts Skin Fade

The skin fade is one of the most used haircuts by men in the past few years. Worn by many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, or Will Smith.

You definitely need to have good hair if you want to pull up a cool skin fade, and it’s achieved by cutting the hair shorter and shorter as you go from the top toward the neck.

skin fade, hairstyles for men

The Receding Hairline Haircuts 2022

Receding Hairline Haircuts, men hairstyles

Depending on the person, the Comb Over haircut above may or may not work for you if you have a receding hairline.  If you have thinning hair all over your head, then it’s important to try another Style.

The Buzzcut for example is a recommended hairstyle when you’ve got a receding hairline because you’re allowed to reduce the visibility of your shortening hairline and makes you look manly and attractive like Jason Statham.

Best hairstyles for receding hairline, buzzcut

Ivy League Haircut for men

Ivy League Haircut for men

The Ivy League haircut is also known as Harvard clip or Princeton haircut and it’s actually a cool combination of the classic crew haircut and the side part. With this haircut, you need to have the sides trimmed short, on the back as well, and on top, as illustrated below.

Ivy League Haircut for men

This hairstyle is classy and attractive, especially if you use a nice pomade to smooth and hold the hair.

Men Haircuts for 2022: The Messy Quiff

Men Haircuts1: The Messy Quiff 

The messy Quiff is a manly haircut that would give the impression that you have thicker hair even if your hair is thinning on some parts, simply by keeping it messy at the top.

Slicked Back Undercut

Best men hairstyles: Slicked Back Undercut

This is another classy yet rebel haircut for men to try in 2022. If you have a nice beard, it will very much complement this hairstyle. To pull this off the right way, you need to use a pomade.

Bro Flow Haircut

Bro Flow Haircut

If you want a medium-size or long size haircut that can also look professional for any office, then you should try the Bro flow.

This hairstyle is very stylish and will give you a sophisticated appearance if you wear it with a suit or a nice shirt.

Ok, let’s continue!

MEN HAIRCUTS FOR 2022: Black Men Cuts

Best hairstyles for black men in 2021_ collection_2021 black men haircuts

We’ve compiled this list for our handsome black men out there to try out.

Footballers Haircuts & Hairstyles 2021

These are Footballers‘ haircuts that are fresh from some of the best barbers around the world to get you inspired!

Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts

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A post shared by 🔥CRISTIANO💥RONALDO🔥 (@thecr7planet)

Cristiano Ronaldo (aka CR7) has never failed us with his dope hairstyles that he gets from some of the finest barbers someone can ever have. Get some ideas from the list above.

Messi Hairstyles

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A post shared by Voetbalcommunity TWODAE (@twodae)

Messi has not been complicated in terms of hairstyles over the years. The footballer has pretty much kept it simple.

Other Footballer Hairstyles you will love

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A post shared by Footballershairstyles (@footballershairstyles)

Other 2021 Men Hairstyles You Will Love

Take a look at the hairstyles below to get more ideas on what hairstyles will look great on you in the upcoming 2021 year.

Zac Efron - Photoshoot Outtakes by Ben Watts 2010 - 제가 가장 좋아하는 잭 에프론 화보입니다^^ 코디도 코디인데 화보의 분위기나 제가 갖고있는 잭의 이미지와 너무나 매치가 잘됬던것 같아요. 특히나 이 화보는 제 블로그의 프로필 사진으로 쓰고 있는데요. 3~4개월에 한번씩 이 화보중에 사진 한장 골라서 프로필로 설정합니다.

35+ Short Haircuts For Males 2015 – 2016 | Men Hairstyles

Below are some additional Comb Over Short Popular Haircuts

Faux Hawk Fade with Part and Beard - Fohawk Haircuts

Below are some additional Slicked Back Popular Haircuts for 2021.

When choosing a hairdo, make sure to highlight the best on you and hide the imperfection.
35 Best Hairstyles For Men with Thick Hair (2019 Guide)

The ones below are other Business Hairstyles for Men

The best men’s business hairstyles combine a trendy haircut with a style that is workplace-appropriate. The goal is to exude class, sophistication and confidence, but still be seen as low-maintenance and good-looking. Whether you’re pitching a sales presentation to an executive or walking through a construction site, your appearance is crucial to making the best first …

11 celebrity men who believe that manicuring is okay: Ryan Gosling.

30 Hairstyles for Men Over 40 to Look Young and Dashing | Hairdo Hairstyle

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Indisputable Evidence That Chris Hemsworth Is The Superior Hemsworth Brother

32 Charming Regular Haircuts For Men (2020)

2022 Men Hairstyles and Haircuts FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about men’s hairstyles.

What men’s haircuts are in style in 2022 & 2022?

The haircuts that are in style this year are the High Fade and Textured Quiff Haircut, the buzz cut, the low fade, the crew cut, the Comb Over, the undercut, and the slick back.

If you’re looking for a 2022 haircut to improve your style, the best hairstyles for 2022 are the Ivy League haircut, the fade (high or low), and the Quiff.

What is the most attractive male hairstyle?

The most attractive male hairstyles that will drive women crazy are the Bro Flow (professional), the Buzz Cut (sexy), the Quiff, the Slick Back (smooth) and the fade (swag).

What type of Men hairstyle in 2022 is right for you?

This is a question for you and your hairdresser that should be dependent on your preferences and on the expertise of your barber.

This article however shows you men hairstyles that can help you to point you in the right direction.


 We’ve covered the 50+ New & Best Men Hairstyles and haircuts to look HOT in  2021 and even in 2021! If you have a great hairstyle already, and thinking about growing a strong beautiful beard or give your hair a strong look.

Altogether, your style will be improved in 2021 and will help you to distinguish your style and yourself from the crowd.

What other ideas for men hairstyles in 2021 can you add to this list that I may have not mentioned? Leave a comment below.

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“As always, Stay Fresh, Simple & Positive!” Baospace

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