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Best tattoos ideas for men to try in 2021

Want to find the coolest tattoo ideas for men in 2022? You’ve come o the right place. When it comes to getting some of the best tattoo ideas for men there are many different places you can look.

Some people choose to go to a tattoo parlor and have a tattoo applied there, while others like to look online for some great designs.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to finding the right tattoo, so long as you are happy with it.

Usually getting tattooed for men seems to be an easy decision, but it tattoo can really be a way to show your personality to the world, therefore, should approach the decision to get a tattoo carefully.

best tattoo ideas for men in 2021

To help you get the tattoo you desire, I have put together this all teammate guide that contains the best tattoo ideas for men in 2022. You will discover all kinds of tattoo animal tattoos, tribal tattoos, 3D tattoos, flower tattoos, religious tattoos, and a lot more.  So  until the end before making a choice

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The 23+ Coolest & Best Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2022


1. Animal Tattoo

Animal Tattoo ideas for men, eagle

If you like a specific animal or species,  there are so many varieties you can get for example an Eagle Tattoo ( which is my favorite animal),  a wolf tattoo, or a lion tattoo for example. It’s probably a good idea to go to a tattoo parlor and get Inked by a specialist.

Tattoo ideas for men 2021, lion tattoo

2. Portrait Tattoo

portrait Tattoo ideas for men 2021, BLM tattoo

Do you have a special person or celebrity crush or celebrity inspiration that you desire to represent? You can decide to get a tattoo to remind yourself of the importance of that individual.

Here is an example of a detailed Snoop Dogg tattoo. Note that the precision in the details will affect the length of the session.

3. 2022 Tattoo Ideas for Men: Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo, tattoo ideas for men 2021

The Cross Tattoo is considered a religious tattoo and it’s a way to honor your faith as you represent a constant reminder of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity.

There are many different variations of a cross tattoo where you can get the cross tattoo with wings or simple two lines that intersect each other.


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4. Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos were originally created as a symbol of bravery. Depending on your culture, the tribal tattoo you will get will vary and can be used as well as a way to represent your social status.

If you want to truly honor your heritage then consider getting one of these tribal tattoos either on your shoulder or your arm.

tribal tattoo, tattoo ideas for men

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5. 2022 Tattoo Ideas for Men: Small Tattoo

men tattoo ideas, Small Tattoo

Small tattoos are gaining in popularity. They don’t draw attention too much. It’s a great way to get started with your first tattoo.

small tattoo ideas for men

6. Crown Tattoo

crown tattoo, men tattoo ideas

If you want to feel like a King, this is a great idea to go for.

Guys who like to be involved in things that are a little out of the ordinary might want to consider a crown tattoo. These are very common these days, and there are actually a lot of good ones to choose from.

You can have a variation of the crowned Tattoo with an animal like the Crowned bunny below.

A crown tattoo can symbolize a lot of different things. It can be a symbol for the ego, a way to say you are proud of yourself, or it can mean royalty.

7. Skull Tattoos


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Skull Tattoos symbolize death and sometimes riskiness.  People that like to take risks usually love to get a Skull tattoo.

skull tattoo

8. Flower Tattoo

flower tattoo men ideas

Men that like flowers and butterflies will find that getting a flower design tattooed on their arm or inked around their neck is something that they can live with for the rest of their life.

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9. Dragon Tattoo

Everybody knows dragons are powerful, Fearless, just like we’ve seen multiple times in different movies. It is a mythical Beast, usually associated with producing fire.

If you want to feel Fearless and display some passion this is a great tattoo to have.

10. Lettering & Quotes Tattoo

Lettering Tattoo ideas men

If There’s a specific quote or example from a motivational speaker you like or a poem You Love, a quote tattoo it’s the way to go. There are millions of quotes online that you can look for, quotes in the Bible that you can either ink on your back or on your forearm.

best quote tattoo men

11. 2022 Tattoo Ideas for Men: Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo men

An owl tattoo expresses knowledge and experience, but also mystery and spell, just like in Harry Potter.

You can also have one placed on your back if you are into that type of thing. An upper arm owl tattoo symbolizes patience and endurance.

This design is usually very visible, so make sure that you pick something that you will be happy with for the rest of your life. There are a lot of good designs that you can use if you are going for an upper arm owl tattoo.

12. Tiger Tattoo

Tiger Tattoo men, men tattoo ideas

We all know that tigers are symbols of power and fearlessness, so if you value that a tiger tattoo is the way to go. Tiger is among the most feared predators in the jungle besides lions, which are also independent because they usually hunt alone. 

Depending on the country, a tiger can be seen as the king of the animal kingdom. It’s the largest of the cat species. Countries like India value Tigers a lot.

13. 3D Tattoo

3D Tattoo men ideas

3D tattoos require creativity from the part of the artist, so you should be very careful in who you pick for a 3D tattoo.  

You can literally come up with any piece that you want to make it seem as if it’s real and have it inked on any part of your body just like you see below.

3d tattoo ideas for men

14. 2022 Tattoo Ideas for Men: Joker Tattoo

Joker Tattoo

15. Buddha tattoo

Buddha tattoo men

Best Tattoos Ideas for Men Small (2022)

best tattoo for men small in 2021

Best Religious Tattoos Ideas for Men (2022)

best religious tattoos men in 2021

One of the most popular options is a religious tattoo design. There are many great tattoos that are inspired by religious paintings and stories. Some of the most popular designs come from the Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian faiths.

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Best Forearm Tattoos

best Forearm tattoos men in 2021

Another great option for guys who like to be tough and have a lot of guts is a forearm tattoo design. You have many different options to choose from, including animals, letters, skulls, and even a tribal design.

The forearm tattoo can be easily hidden by wearing baggy clothes, but it is always on your body.

Many people choose this option because they can express their individuality through a tattoo design on their forearms. You can’t go wrong by picking a forearm tattoo design for a guy who wants to express his personality.

No matter what your idea is for a crown tattoo, you should find a design that is uniquely you.


Men Tattoo Ideas FAQs

The most common tattoo ideas for men are tribal, skull, phoenix, dragon, lion, wolf, flower, compass, religious, nautical, and crown.

What is the coolest tattoo ever?

It really depends on your taste, but most people find the dragon tattoo to be the coolest tattoo ever.


Other Tattoo Ideas for Men to Try

Other popular designs include the eagles, fish, or dragons. Owls, stars, or hearts are also very popular. No matter what you are looking for, you will find a great choice of tattoos when you look through the unique tattoo designs available below.

tattoo ideas men

tattoo ideas for men

tattoo ideas men
Artist: Martin Sjöberg


tattoo ideas for male, tiger tattoo
Chris Mataafa

crown tattoo men

dragon tattoo men

wings crown tattoo

tattoo ideas for men

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