The 40 Most Irresistible Black Girl Hairstyles to try in 2020 & 2021

This guide will show you the 40 most irresistible black girl hairstyles that every black girl must try in 2020 and 2021. Choosing the right black girl hairstyles for only a black girl can be a challenge occasionally. If you are looking for a black girl hairstyle or hairstyle for a black woman, you have come to the right place

You will find the 40 best black girl hairstyles you need to try in 2020 and 2021 to look fly!

Black women’s hair is delicate, which means it requires extra caution in cleaning, styling, and sustaining the hair of black men and women, particularly young girls.

In actuality, the ideal hairstyle for a black girl should be quite a hairstyle that promotes healthy hair and relaxation rather than vexation and hair thinning.

That is the reason why it’s critical that you or your parents decide to try their best and choose the right hairstyles for you or your children.

Without further delay, let’s jump to the section and take a look at the black girl hairstyles out there for 2020 and 2021.

PS: this blog post is updated every month with new styles, so come back to find new hairstyles to try out.

The 40 Most Irresistible Black Girl Hairstyles to try in 2020 & 2021

1. Sleek Updo

Image result for Sleek Updo black girl"

Haven’t mastered the art of borders? Grab a soft bristle brush along with your favorite edge control and you are in front of the curve!

It takes a lot of tools and products to get the hair into a sleek updo. You are going to need a comb, a hairbrush, a bristle brush spray, advantage control spray, and hair gel.

Once you’ve repainted the hair, you can try different styles on tops, such as buns or ponytails.


2. Twisted Up-Bun

2019 box braids high bun hair | You can watch hundreds of Box Brids from and our youtube channel for braided hairstyles.


Girls love the appearance of a princess. Consider including a spin by blending in feel compared to this 20, as Faith Herman will here. Spins or braids that are simple work to raise an appearance.

3. Black Girl Hairstyles #3: The Twist-Out

Image result for The Twist-Out black girl"

We’re all suckers to get a twist-out that is simple and recognized. Ideal to get rough and tumble day in an afternoon with good friends, make this frizz-free look working with a creamy Leave-in moisturizer with moderate grip.

This really is just another wonderful hairstyle for a baby’s or kid’s natural hair loss. As its name implies, strands of hair follicles are slathered in gel and twisted in 1 direction.

You can allow the spins loose or keep them in, depending upon if you like tight curls or looser waves. This really is a cute hairstyle for any age.

4. Black Girl Hairstyles:  Adorned Puffs

Black girls hairstyles 2020 Adorned Puffs black girl"

Definitely, among the styles to reproduce. Fluff and tease your own hair whilst procuring each drag having a rhinestone barrette. Hands down among the easiest fashions to replicate, just the baubles are embellished using by Eris Baker. Fluff and tease your kid’s hair whilst securing each drag with a rhinestone barrette.


5. Braided Faux-Hawk

Image result for Braided Faux-Hawk black girl"

When giving just the perfect quantity of flair, you will find greater than just a few approaches to create this trademark style that is textured.


6. Bantu Knots

Image result for bantu knots"

We can not help but be excited about those Bantu knots. Is it Edgy?

Absolutely! But it’s designed to feel just like a Queen that you are. There is much easy detail by detail tutorials on YouTube to master for this protective style fave!

7.  Black Girl Hairstyles #7: The Pony Twist

Black girls hairstyles 2020- The Pony Twist black girl"

If you’d like a hairstyle that looks hides the unsightly ring, make work with of a bit of one’s hair to work under the elastic so it looks that the hair will be holding the ponytail.

Wish to take this up a notch? Secure the updo sew twist having a couple of bobby pins and you will have new protective style which will last for a few days.

8. Pompadour Bun


9. Bun Cornrows


Updo Rolling Bun Cornrow Braids | Natural hair styles, Braids for black hair, Hair hacks

Cornrows bun | Cornrow hairstyles, Girls hairstyles braids, Kids hairstyles

Lots of people love this black girl hairstyle, but in the long run, it will still prove enchanting and lovely.

Get a few beads to place on cornrows after you are done making your hair.

Pick the right color you are assured that you or your kid will cherish.

10. Easy Wash-n-Go

Black girls hairstyles 2020 Baospace - Easy Wash-n-Go"

This is the perfect choice for coils. Show her ropes by dissolving using a light Leave-in conditioner afterward air-drying.

This is the perfect alternative for healthy coils. Moisturize with a light leave-in conditioner then air-drying (it’s perfectly okay to ditch the hot hair drier).

The perfect style for virtually any occasion. The winter and autumn time is the very best time to give you both a break out of over-manipulating strands that are.


11. Black Girl Hairstyles #11: French Braids

Image result for French Braids blavk girl"

Crowning Glory. | Two braid hairstyles, Box braids hairstyles for black women, Natural hair styles

For black girl hairstyles, French braids work well with medium-to-long hair loss.


12. Box Braids

Pretty, Medium Crochet Box Braids | Box braids hairstyles for black women, Braids for black women, Braided hairstyles for black women


Box braids are among the most versatile black girl hairstyles and immensely popular hairstyles. The hair really is parted into segments (boxes) and each box has been separately plaited.

Synthetic or natural hair (extensions) may be utilized to change the style.

13. Twists to the Side

Side two strand twist | Natural hair twists, Twist hairstyles, Hair inspiration

This comes to another easy hairstyle that contains some effortless twists that have been simply pinned aside. Not only is this hairstyle perfect for kids with long hair, but it is also a simple style for the majority of moms to do.

15. Black Girl Hairstyles #15: Criss-Cross Braided Ponytail

Criss Cross Braids & side Ponytails - 05/20/2020. Pinterest & Instagram: #MyHairstyles30


This cute hairstyle will turn all the heads!

The very first task is to produce large box segments of their hair and braid each section. Then criss-cross two braids in each section and connect it.

This hairstyle is mixing two hairstyles. The knot that is very best and braids, into one elegant updo.

Begin by braiding small segments of the hair and collecting all different sections into a knot at the top of one’s head. You can use the braids to tie the knot rather than using an elastic tie.

 16. Twist & Curl

Here’s a darling hairstyle that is excellent for when you or your black girl is attending to a particular day such as a birthday.

A very important thing about this hairstyle could be that the very fact it will appear so great on any black girl.

The item is twisted with by moisturizing and leave in immediately.

BONUS: Other long & short natural haircuts for black females 2020

These additional long & short natural haircuts for black females 2020 will completely make you look prettier and fresher. Try them out!

Black girls hairstyles 2020



Black girls Hairstyles  with shaved sides in 2020!



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Above everything else, most of these 40  black girl hairstyles in 2021 are quite practical. They will change the way you look.

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