Top 100 Popular Men’s Haircuts to Look HOT in 2023 | Men Hairstyles

In this guide, we’ll go over the 100 new popular men’s haircuts and short hairstyles every man should try to look hot or fresh in 2021. From business to casual short hairstyles for men, you will improve your look either for work or everyday life. If you are looking for a new hairstyle to try in 2021, you have come to the right place,

The trend at the moment could be sloppy, textured hair at haircuts and hairstyles. There are choices for guys. Remain fresh, stay trendy. You will discover men’s haircuts that reveal off more hairstyles with flow and movement.

The styles are far more natural-appearing men’s hairstyles which can be styled with milder grip and matte-finish pomades.

We’ve included a few of the best selections for guys that are looking for short men’s haircuts mostly.

The men’s haircuts in 2021 below are hot as they’re simple to take care of.

Popular 100 Men’s Haircuts to Try in 2021

Let’s dive in and look at the very best haircuts for men for 2021, we’re observing. You will find exactly what you need. Enjoy!

1. Hairstyle For Adult Males + Beard

most popular men's haircuts in 2020



Business Haircut Ideas For Men

2. Curly Flattop Haircut

This haircut below really is an incredible fade together with some wonderful moderate-length stream ontop. This haircut for men includes a fade that is clean onto the back and both sides. Perfectly mixed to the short to moderate length hair on top.

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Haircut from Nathan Emery

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3. Short Slicked Back Men’s Hairstyle 2021

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Yet another fantastic case of short sides (high fade) as well as the hair at the top.


4. Undercut + Messy Hair At Top Long Fringe

most popular men's haircuts in 2020


One of the most effective undercuts we have seen. When you have a lot of hair, that may be a fantastic choice. The hair at the top can be messy. Undercuts are among the men’s haircuts which have been evolving quite well.

5. Long Fringe + under Cut 2021

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

A variation of the undercut hairstyle.

6. High heeled + Moderate Hair

An excellent looking men haircut, short on either side. A bit long at the top.

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Squeak Guru Barber

That really is an excellent haircut for men. Super-versatile and Simple to design.

Work a little bit of pomade in your hair if it’s dry. Brush to find that wavy appearance.

7. Side Facet Hairstyle

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Another great looking haircut.

8. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Scissors Trimmed Sides Cut

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

The hair over the sides was trimmed with scissors.

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9. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Modern Slicked-back Men’s Haircut


An excellent illustration of a slicked-back appearance.

The hair was cut straight back and blown dry with a hair drier to offer that stream and movement. You can also use a pomade to make it shiny.

10. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Curly Top Cool Wild Hairstyle

Haircut from Braid Barbers

Frizzy hair at the top and Long fringe from the front. When you’ve got curled hair, this can be a great haircut to get. Simple to create and maintain.


11. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Low Fade Haircut + Sharp Side-part

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

A classic men’s haircut that can also work well for professional environments.


12. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Natural Flow Hairstyle + Short Sides

A great hairstyle. Work a tiny quantity of pomade into the hair and comb right into location.

most popular men's haircuts in 2020


It’s been among the men’s haircuts in past decades. Shaved sides, long hair at the top. You may want to use a blowdryer ontop. An excellent style that works well for men with thicker hair.

13. Men’s Hairstyles 2021: Low heeled + Messy Longer Hair At Top

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

A cluttered textured hair at the top. Clean Fade. Perfectly blended into natural messy hair at the top.


14. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Cool Quiff Short Sides + Wavy top Haircut

Stylish appearing low fade, side-part shaved. Great looking quiff hairstyle.


15. Men’s Hairstyles 2021: Cool Short Haircut For Wild Hair

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Blended well to a brief vintage men’s haircut.  The wavy hair on top is made to do its thing. Work with a little bit of pomade or towel and brush right into place, and this can be a masterpiece.

16. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Textured Haircut + Frizzy Hair

A hairstyle for most men who have wavy hair. In 2021,  this will certainly rise in popularity.

17. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Moderate Textures

medium hairstyles for men 2017

For those who have thick hair that this is an excellent haircut to test.

18. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Slicked-back Modern Under-cut Hairstyle

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Great haircut. The hair on top is slicked straight back. It’s possible to either blowdry it straight back and brush.

Or you may opt for an even glossy appearance using a pomade, work it into hair, and just comb or brush your own hair straight back.

19. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Scissor Cut-side Part Haircut

Under-ground Veria

Flow, movement, and even lengths of hair. An excellent looking haircut for guys. Short on either side, cut with scissors.

20. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Natural Waves Medium-length Men’s Haircut

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

An extremely natural-appearing men’s haircut. Short sides brushed straight back in place. To find this appearance you want to make use of a brush and a hairdryer.

This really is a superb haircut for guys that have hair and wish to keep things simple.


21. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Quicker Men’s Hairstyle For Wild Or Wavy Hair

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

This could be the ideal haircut for curled hair follicles. The hair on the top and also at the back is made to flow. The hair at the top and also at the rear is retained more to provide the hair flow and movement toward the back.

22. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Beautiful Wild Top Hair + Short Sides

most popular men's haircuts in 2020

This really is among the better haircuts for thick hair or frizzy hair follicles. Styled to a negative part quiff. Super trendy haircut for males.

23. Men’s Haircuts 2021: Drastic Undercut

An undercut is an attention-getting hairstyle, but if you want to get all of the attention, pick one that’s more drastic. Find one that reflects your mood.

Drastic undercut | Undercut hairstyles


EXTRA: LIST OF Additional Men’s Haircuts 2021  to try out!!

The next ones are great hairstyles for men. You’ll find just how well it may match from the artificial hawk to the slicked straight back cuts and more.

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Awesome Medium To Short High Fade Guys Hair

Buzz Cut Mens High Fade Hair

Classy Mens High Fade Hair most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Cool High Fade Haircut For Men Wavy

Cool Medium To Long Mens High Fade Hairstyles

Curly Mens High Fade Hair Style

Dapper High Fade Mens Thick Hairstyle

Dapper Mens High Fade Hairstyles

Fashionable Medium Thick High Fade Guys Hairstyles

Manly High Fade Haircut For Guys

Manly High Fade Undercur Hairstyle For Men

Masculine Guys High Fade Haircuts

Masculine Mens High Fade Haircut

Medium Wavy High Fade Hair For Gentlmen

Mens Long To Medium High Fade Hairstyles With Beard

Messy Medium Thick Mens Hard Part Hair Look

Pompadour High Fade Mens Hairstyle

Short Faux Hawk Mens High Fade Haircuts

Short Length Mens High Fade Hair

Short Pompadour High Fade Mens Hair With Beard

Short Wavy Hairstyle For Men With High Fade

Slicked Back High Fade Guys Haircut Ideas

Slicked Back High Fade Haircut For Men

Stylish Medium High Fade Hairstyles For Men With Beards

Thick Medium Long Mens High Fade Haircuts

Trendy Popular Mens Short High Fade Hairstyles With Spikes

Trendy Thick Medium High Fade Hairstyles For Males


Wavy Medium Length Guys High Fade Hairstyle Ideas

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Men’s Haircuts 2021: Mid Fade Wavy  Top

This style is a very upbeat and poppy hairstyle amongst teens. The top has its own style with semi curls.

c r i s p @ctcutz_ ⚔ on @notnor3mal 10-9 Today | ☏ 909.922.8080 for appointments #2percent #barbershop


The trimming must be no further than two inches and that’s pushing it. Out of here, everything you would like to do is highlight an all part. Frequency and consistency are all important for keeping your workplace image.

Weekly cuts will be the best way then maybe you need to just shave off it as an alternative in the event that you fail to deal with this responsibility. Hair loss isn’t the best bet, however, it’s far better than being clubbed at interview or a seminar.

It is possible to consistently glossy back it the style of 1950, to optimize suaveness. Check out the cuts below for many genuinely magical cuts.

Business Casual Hairstyles For Guys

Business Casual Hairstyles For Men

Business Casual Mens Hairstyles

Business Cut Male Hairstyle

Business Haircut For Men


Business Haircuts Men

Business Hairstyle Men

Business Hairstyles For Guys most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Business Hairstyles For Men

Business Hairstyles Men

Business Male Hairstyle

Business Male Hairstyles

Business Man Hairstyle

Business Man With Cool Haircut Style

Business Men Haircut

Business Men Haircuts Side Part

Business Men Hairstyle

Business Men Hairstyles

Business Mens Hairstyles

Business Professional Hairstyles

Business Professional Hairstyles For Gentlemen

Business Professional Hairstyles For Men

Ceo Business Hairstyles For Men

Chic Business Haircuts For Men most popular men's haircuts in 2020

Classy Business Hairstyle For Men

Cool Business Mens Hairstyles

Cool Male Business Hairstyles

Cool Mens Don Draper Hairstyles For The Workplace

Coporate Pomadour Hairstyles For Men In Business

Dapper Mens Bradley Cooper Business Hair

David Beckham Business Hair Ideas For Men

Fashionable Mens Business Long Hairstyles

Hairstyle Business For Males

Hairstyles For Men Who Are Business Professionals

top haircuts for men

 Super-cool Low Fade + Short Sides Hair

Under-ground Veria

I enjoy fade haircuts. This haircut shows off a design with lines that are hard at the sides and back to provide the fade a little more detail. Very trendy.

Beautifully Slicked Back Adult Men’s Haircut

Javi that the Barber

Such a tapered haircut. Vintage. Only brush and then blowdry to back.


Short Side Men’s Haircut For Frizzy Hair

Wavy Hairstyles For Men



We’ve covered about Best haircuts and short hairstyles for Men to look DOPE in  2021! If you have a great hairstyle already, think about trimming your beard beautifully to match the hairstyle.


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What other ideas for men hairstyles in 2021 can you add to this list that I may have not mentioned?

Which one is your favorite hairstyle?

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